Wiring your home for the future.

Pre-wiring your home is essential before the drywall goes up. Let Built In Technology help you with that. Everything from pre-planning, to wire and cable rough-ins, finishing product installations, and after service and support- we do it all.

Television Rough-in

We make sure your rooms are equiped with high quality HDMI and RG6 outlets for easy viewing.

Telephone Rough-in

We homerun all of the CAT3 and CAT5 telephone wires to one central location in your home.

Smart Wire Rough-in

Have all of your essential cables on one finishing plate (CAT5, RG6, AUDIO) for convenience.

Networking Rough-in

Pre-wire your new home with exceptionally fast CAT5E and CAT6 for fast internet speeds throughout your home.

Audio & Video Rough-in

Enjoy seemless audio and video throughout your entire new home.

CCTV & Security Rough-in

Everything you need in your new home to keep you safe from alarm systems to surveillance cameras.

Conduit Installation

Hide all of your wires behind the drywall to make your tv systems looks clean.

Central Vacuum Rough-in

Let us help you rough-in central vacuum piping for an easy installation after drywall.

Only the best products used.

Built In Technology uses a high quality cable for every type of installation. For video this means a high quality RG6/U Quad Shielded cable is typically used instead of the older RG59. The RG6 Quad Shield has less signal loss especially at the higher frequencies used for DSS (satellite) and is less susceptible to interference.

For the data network this means a high quality CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 or even fiber optics. For the phone this means the same CATx cable used for data instead of the older 4 conductor phone cable resulting in less noise and interference pickup and the capacity for 4 phone lines instead of 2. The idea here is use the most advanced cabling that is reasonably priced. You may not need all the capabilities these advanced cables provide today, but with home networking and entertainment evolving so quickly you may find them quite useful sooner than you think.

Finishing your home to perfection.

After the pre-wire rough-ins are completed and the drywall has been put up, let Built In Technology take care of the finishing plates for your television, telephone, networking, audio and more. Finishing plates will put the final touches on your new home.

Finishing products that bring your home to life
with the brands you trust.

Not only does Built In Technology install the low voltage wiring in homes, we also provide new homeowners with finishing products to upgrade their home.

Smart Home
Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems


Central Vacuum

Video Systems
& Intercoms

Indoor & Outdoor
Audio Systems

From start to finish, and beyond, we're here to make sure your new home is everything you've ever wanted.

1. Purchase of New Home

Congratulations is in-order for the purchase of your new home. It's an exciting time for you and your family.

2. Introduction Call

Built In Technology will call homeowners with an introduction call regarding the selection of locations for their builder standards for items such as telephone, tv, smart wires, etc as well as a date and time to setup a face-to-face meeting.

3. Pre-wire Consultation

All homeowners can sit down with our pre-wire consultants to select the best locations for the low-voltage wires (telephone and tv cables, smart wires, etc.). Our pre-wire consultants will also disucss options to prepair their home for smart home technology.

4. Pre-wire Installation

Once all locations for low-voltage wires have been selected, the floor plans will be processed with our rough-in department. Our highly skilled rough-in installers provide quality work in every home.

5. Service & Support

Long after the work is complete, our service and support staff are ready to help.

Built in Technology is partnered with the top builders in Ontario.

Anytime you need help, our service department is here long after installation.

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